Project description

Narellan Town Centre


The redevelopment of the Narellan Town Centre is a $200M project seeing the retail space increase from 36,000sqm to 72,000sqm.

The new facility has created an exceptional retail destination for Narellan residents with up to 100 new retailers, over 1,500 new car park spaces and new civil plazas and entertainment precincts.

Hydro Construction Products in collaboration with the awarded contractor Landscape Solutions worked to develop a design solution incorporating Hydro’s proprietary and custom made drainage systems.

The project required pedestrian friendly, aesthetically appealing yet low maintenance material. To achieve this, stainless steel SureGrip heelguard and discreet top slot systems were incorporated throughout the design. The unique design of SureGrip prevents the build-up of slippery greases, fluids and mud and no corners or welds to gather debris assisting in cleaning and maintenance.

Every product used in the build was carefully chosen to ensure all design requirements were met and an effective drainage solution found.

Products Used:

  • Hydro Stormwater Pits with Stainless Steel Heelguard Grate
  • Hydro Stainless Circular Drain with SureGrip Heelguard Grates
  • Hydro Drain Supreme with Stainless Steel SureGrip Heelguard Grates
  • Hydro Access Covers with Stainless Steel Decorative Edge
  • Hydro Stainless Curved Drain with Stainless Steel SureGrip Heelguard Grates
  • Hydro Drain Solution with Discreet Topslot

Specifier: Hydro Construction Products.

Contractor: Landscape Solutions

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