Project description

Orion Springfield Central



Orion Springfield Central, located in Brisbane’s fast-growing south-western corridor, is one of the top ten largest shopping centres in Queensland. The precinct underwent redevelopment in 2016, almost doubling in size from 37,175sqm to 68,720sqm. With the aim to become the heart of the community, Orion Springfield Central officially opened its doors on April 29, 2016.

Hydro Construction Products worked with Mirvac Builders to help deliver this $154 expansion, which sought to re-energise Greater Springfield through food, fashion and entertainment. The centre now supports up to 198 retailers, a new 2000-seat cinema complex, over 3,000 car parks and caters to 6.5 million customers every year.


The Hydro team was enlisted to provide heavy-duty AC3000 polymer concrete channels and ductile iron grating from our Hydro Supreme range on Main Street, Springfield Central. This was the ideal drainage solution due to its load class, compliances, and ability to drain water quickly away from parking areas.

The added benefit of our ductile iron grating is its electrophoretic cathode metal coating (KTL or E-Coat). KTL coating is a technological process used for coating metal surfaces with a thin, solid, corrosion-resistant organic coating. The result of this process is higher quality, long lasting ductile iron with advanced corrosion protection which will maintain a natural aesthetic for longer.

Have you spotted the iconic water fountain in Orion’s Town Square? Hydro Construction Products, in collaboration with Mainbrace Constructions and Planet Plumbing, delivered heelguard and slip-resistant Hydro Stainless drainage for this interactive attraction. As a natural drawcard for families and children, Hydro Stainless ensures that the fountain and surrounding areas are pedestrian friendly, aesthetically appealing, practical and safe.

Since 2003 Hydro Construction Products have been in the business of providing highly practical water management products and solutions to support any creative vision. Every product in this build was chosen to ensure the architectural requirements were met and that effective drainage solutions were found.   



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