MEA Polymer Concrete

MEA Polymer Concrete is remarkable for its outstanding physical and chemical properties. This makes it an extremely reliable and versatile material even in the toughest conditions. The material is a natural mineral product like quartz, basalt and granite, bonded together with a resinous mixture – is particularly robust and has an extremely high flexural tensile strength and compressive strength. Another impressive feature of drainage channels manufactured from polymer concrete is that they are significantly lighter than conventional concrete channels, making them considerably easier to install.

Because they are particularly resistant to liquid chemicals, MEA polymer concrete channels are the product of choice when it comes to eco-friendly drainage solutions and the protection of groundwater. The numerous benefits of MEA®’s specially developed polymer concrete are what make this material the successful basis for the MEA®DRAIN Supreme channel system.

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MEA Polymer Concrete
The Material at a Glance

  • Impermeable, virtually pore-free
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, oils and other chemically aggressive substances
  • Predominantly made of natural, mineral raw materials, like quartz, basalt and granite
  • Significantly lighter than comparable concrete channels

MEA Polymer Concrete

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