Northern Road Upgrade Continues!!
Our specialised Hi-Flow grate features on the Northern Road is why!


We all know that grated trench drains help manage surface flooding; but, with severe weather events more common than ever, the hydraulic performance of road drainage grates needs to be examined. 


Hydro has worked closely with transportation agencies to design a new fastening system and grated trench drain product that is now specifically suitable for motorways, heavily trafficked roads and constrained environments: the Ductile Iron High-Flow Profix Grate. 


The Ductile Iron High-Flow Profix Grate offers five unique benefits: 


  1. Improved reliability and hydraulic performance, as the much larger aperture slots are less susceptible to blockages and flooding.

  2. Improved safety for motorists and operators, as the reliable and simple single pin 'Profix' fastening mechanism ensures no moving parts, even under extreme conditions. 

  3. Easy installation, as no special tools or parts are required for operations. 

  4. Reduced labor costs, as the grate's innovative design means it can be installed quickly and efficiently. 

  5. Longer lifespan, as the grate is coated with a thin, solid and corrosion resistant KTL paint.  

Committed to a gold standard of quality, the high capacity Ductile Iron High-Flow Profix Grate guarantees no less than top performance.


For more information please contact one of our friendly staff on 1300 GO HYDRO.


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