Why use Hydro Stormwater Pits?

Hydro Construction Products takes pride in their unwavering commitment to providing only high-quality polymer concrete pits and other water management solutions to the Australian building and construction industry.


Hydro’s polymer concrete pits product range includes pit extension risers and modular cable ducts made of non-corrosive polymer concrete. During manufacturing, the base material is mixed with tough and natural minerals like quartz, granite, and basalt, which is bonded by a polymer resin. 


The end product is a light in weight, yet durable polymer concrete pit that contains dielectric properties and excellent compressive strength. In addition, polymer concrete pits are impervious to aggressive chemicals and water ingress, making for the ideal and cost-effective solution for electrical, communications and duct applications.


Some of the features of Hydro’s Polymer Concrete Pits are summarised in the following:




Polymer concrete pits are 75% lighter compared to other conventional concrete products. This makes them easy for two people to handle and lift.




The impenetrable structure of polymer concrete pits helps prevent chemicals and toxins from leaking and possible contamination of major water systems.




Concrete pits are designed to withstand all traffic load classifications (A to G) and with available cover options, stainless steel, galvanized checker plate steel and ductile iron, to choose from.




Concrete pit covers may be locked down to avoid theft and movement.


Schedule an appointment with Hydro Construction Products today to learn more about quality polymer concrete pits and other water management solutions.

For more information please contact one of our friendly staff on 1300 GO HYDRO.


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