Polymer Concrete Drainage Channels

General Purpose & Heavy Duty Trench Drainage



 Stainless Steel Edge

General Purpose Up to
D210 Load Class



Galvanised Steel Edge

General Purpose Up to 
D210 Load Class



Cast Iron Edge

Heavy Duty Applications Up to 
G900 Load Class


Hydro Supreme storm water drainage channels are manufactured from light weight, corrosion and chemical resistant Polymer Concrete for all project types and include a variety of grate and accessory options. The edge rails are embedded into the channel bodies made from eco-friendly, high strength polymer concrete which protects groundwater reliably from chemically aggressive liquids.

Available for class loads A10 to D210 (Australian Standards AS3996) you can choose between two designs- Channels with either an integrated galvanised steel edge rail or stainless steel edge rail. For projects where extremely high point loads are present (class loads E400-G900)- Hydro Drain C Series channels include an integrated cast iron edge rail.

Application Types include

  • Infrastructure & Traffic
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Gardening & Landscape
  • Urban Architecture

Examples – Car parks, loading bays, shopping centre’s, pedestrian precincts, public areas, warehouses, industrial zones, airports, docks, service stations, roads, new and redeveloped train stations, sporting arena’s, gardens, water features.

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