The Project

The construction of the Bendigo Hospital is currently the largest regional hospital development in Victoria, Australia. When completed it will become a world-class healthcare facility showcasing 11 new operating theatres, a multi-level car park and helipad.

Hydro Construction Products supplied all architectural surface water management systems for the build as well as detailed advice on specialised custom drainage applications.

The Solution

To cater for high pedestrian traffic Hydro’s custom Stainless Tree Grates were used. Engineered to the highest standard the grates ensure stringent strength requirements are met without compromising on the design.

Built for aesthetics and functionality the Hydro Top Slot and Supreme Drain was used in place of a grate to uphold a discreet, minimalist design whilst maintaining optimal drainage capacity.

Overall Hydro has helped deliver an outstanding facility incorporating the latest in design and technology solutions, in a tranquil and caring environment.