Cable Pits

Polymer Module Cable Ducting

Features & Applications

Hydro Construction Products’ Modular Cable Ducting are manufactured from the same high-quality non-corrosive Polymer Concrete as their drainage channel & cable pit counterparts as a cost-effective electrical/communications ducting solution for most projects throughout Australia & New Zealand. Each unit of cable duct is manufactured with male/female interlocking joints for easy installation, can be combined with cablepits to change direction of ducting & is supplied with a variety of covers to suit specific applications.

Hydro Construction Products’ Modular Cableduct are available in the C Series and Z Series..

C Series

Duct with Cast Iron Edge Rail – 1000mm lengths
Ductile Iron Covers – 500mm lengths
Class F & G
Widths – 100mm,200mm,300mm
Depths – Various dependant on width

Z Series

Duct with Zinc Edge Rail – 1000mm lengths
Galvanised Steel Covers – 1000mm lengths
Class B
Widths – 100mm & 200mm
Depths – Various dependant on width

Typical applications

  • Pedestrian areas
  • Domestic driveways
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Car Parks
  • Service Stations
  • Streetscapes

Key features: Pits

  • Lightweight, compared to traditional cement concrete
  • Manageable: The majority of our Modular Cable Ducting can be lifted with one or two people.
  • Environmental Protection: Hydro Construction Products Modular Cable Ducting are leak proof and extremely resistant to liquid chemicals.
  • Tough Design: Designed for loading classes from A10 to G900
  • Cover Options: Available with cover options in Galvanised steel or ductile iron.
  • Trafficable: Combined with suitable covers to achieve Class A –G Loadings
  • Secure: Covers can be locked down to prevent theft and movement
  • Workability: Easily worked with grinding disks, masonry drills and chisels. No Steel Reinforcement.
  • Ageing Resistance: entirely frost proof, maintenance free and unsusceptible to wear.
  • Available: Hydro Construction Products Polymer concrete Modular Cable Ducting are distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • Versatile: Depth of Modular Cable Ducting can be supplied in various depths & widths.

Unique Feature: Special Manufactured Covers for Larger Ducting where there is a requirement for larger continuous access ducting to be installed, special manufactured covers can be supplied to specification and installed on top of in-situ trenches. For more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with Hydro.

C1000D (Cast Iron Edge Rail / Ductile Iron Covers)

Cast Iron Edge Rail / Ductile Iron Covers


Part No.DescriptionMaterialWeight (kg)
C1000Duct – 100mm x 150mm x 1mtrPolymer29.7
C1010Duct – 100mm x 200mm x 1mtrPolymer33.7
C1020Duct – 100mm x 250mm x 1mtrPolymer38.2
Cover – 100mm x 0.5mtrDuctile Iron4.2


Part No.DescriptionMaterialWeight (kg)
C2000Duct – 200mm x 280mm x 1mtr
C2010Duct – 200mm x 330mm x 1mtr
C2020Duct – 200mm x 380mm x 1mtrPolymer80.5
Cover – 200mm x 0.5mtrDuctile Iron9.0


Part No.DescriptionMaterialWeight (kg)
C3000Duct – 300mm x 390mm x 1mtrPolymer60.5
C3020Duct – 300mm x 490mm x 1mtrPolymer28
Cover – 300mm x 0.5mtrDuctile Iron

Zinc Edge Rail / Galvanised Covers


Part No.DescriptionMaterialWeight (kg)
Z1000Duct – 100mm x 150mm x 1mtrPolymer13.5
Z1010Duct – 100mm x 200mm x 1mtrPolymer17.2
Z1020Duct – 100mm x 250mm x 1mtrPolymer21.7
Cover – 100mm x 0.5mtrDuctile Iron4.2


Part No.DescriptionMaterialWeight (kg)
Z2000Duct – 200mm x 280mm x 1mtrPolymer37.5
Z2010Duct – 200mm x 330mm x 1mtrPolymer43.0
Z2020Duct – 200mm x 380mm x 1mtrPolymer48.5
Cover – 200mm x 0.5mtrDuctile Iron9.0

Accessories for HDPE Pits & Covers

A full range of Accessories can be supplied & used in conjunction with the Polymer Modular Cable Ducting & associated Covers