Resin Composite Access Covers

The Hydro solid top, one part, resin composite access covers are made of high grade fiber composite materials and meet AS3996-200 standards.

Available in:

  • Square Covers
  • Rectangular Covers
  • Circular Covers

Application types:

  • Extended life and extra strength from hot dip galvanising.
  • Pedestrian, bike and wheelchair safety.
  • Anti-corrosive finish.
  • Complies to AS1428.2

Application types:

  • Durability: Extremely durable and UV stable.
  • Anti-corrosive: Including waterproof and gastight.
  • Light Weight: Quick and easy to install.
  • Cost effective: An economical alternative to ductile iron and concrete covers.
  • Highly Resistant: Excellent resistance to sewage and a wide range of chemicals.
  • Safe: Anti-slip thread surface guarantees safe road conditions in extreme weather.
  • Lockable: Includes unique key to restrict unauthorised access to dangerous sewer and stormwater pits.
  • Lifting Keys: Available to assist with installation.
  • Load class options: Available in both AS3996 load class B and D.

Product Range Summary

Circular Covers

SizeLoad ClassClear OpeningOA DiametreTotal DepthWeight (kgs)

Square & Rectangular Covers

SizeLoad ClassClear OpeningOA DiametreTotal DepthWeight (kgs)
300D360 x 360515 x 5156022
450B450 x 450590 x 5903515
450D450 x 450600 x 6007528
600B600 x 600
750 x 750
600D600 x 600760 x 76010065
600 x 900D600 x 900
760 x 1070
900B935 x 9351135 x 11357083