Polymer Drainage Channels

MEA Traffic

No matter which channel system you use for the task at hand, Hydros’ DRAIN Traffic (MEA TRAFFIC) delivers decades of expertise in professional surface drainage for every conceivable application.

Road & Tramway Drainage

Application Types

  • Infrastructure & Traffic
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Urban Architecture

Includes – Roads, intersections and highways, airports and docks, train &and light rail, road crossings.


  • Monolithic Polymer Concrete drainage channels (D System)
  • Polymer Concrete drainage channels for open porous asphalt (opA System)
  • Polymer Concrete drainage channels with cast iron edge rail (Supreme C))
  • Polymer Concrete drainage channels (MEA Traffic MEAKERB)

Technical Data

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Project Specification/Case Studies

For Train and Light Rail Drainage solution spec sheet – Click here  

Solutions In Practice

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