Polymer Drainage Channels

300mm CO Galvanised Steel Edge Rail System

A high quality ​corrugated metal pipe​ that is built to last It will not crack under impact loads or vibrations due to the inherent strength of steel and the flexibility of the corrugated pipe section.

Key features:

  • 300mm Clear Opening width
  • Integrated galvanised steel edge rail
  • Constant depth options available
  • Grate Options
  • Accessories include Locks & End Caps
  • Channels include vertical connection facility
  • Available with a #304 Stainless Steel edge rail
    see “SS edge Series“.
  • #316 SS on special request.

Spec Sheets and Installation Guides

System Parts List
Channel Specification Info
Grates & Accessories Available
MEA Installation Instructions
Load Class Installation Examples
Convert EU load classes to AU
MEA Declaration of Performance – Coming Soon
Photo Gallery – Solutions in Practice