Trench Grate and Frame

Grates & Frames

Ideal for Heavy-load Applications

A trench grate & frame system created specifically for applications where extremely high wheel loads are present, the MEA DRAIN Ductile Iron CIF system is a robust, wear-free design offering maximum reliability. This system is designed to be cast-in-situ. When installed, the grate snaps securely into the frame edge by the PROFIX rapid locking system preventing movement under extreme conditions.

System versions:

  • 150CIF – 150mm wide clear opening trench grate & frame
  • 200CIF – 200mm wide clear opening trench grate & frame
  • 300CIF – 300mm wide clear opening trench grate & frame

*Longitudinal heel safe or transverse slotted grates available

Key Features:

  • Cast iron grate & frame (2 metre lengths)
  • KTL coated grating (self-polishing with wear)
  • Particularly suited for Class E & Class G load requirements (AS3996-2019)
  • PROFIX rapid locking system (non-bolted)
  • 8-point high tensile bolt locking system for class G loading applications

Application Types:

  • Loading Bays
  • Petrol stations
  • Roads
  • Train stations
  • Airports
  • Ports/ Docks

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